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[Guide][Fix] Diggy's Guide to Changing Thermal


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Hey guys! This is NOT a Tutorial to Disassemble or re-assemble your Playstation 3 System. This is a Tutorial to remove the old thermal paste on the Heat syncs and applying better Paste.

I can not stress enough to READ the thread all the way through FIRST then ASK QUESTIONS if you are UNSURE.

Things you will need:
-Screw Driver(s): Small size and a metric size (only one screw right in the beginning. later consoles this will not be an issue)
-Smooth edge (old credit card is something perfect but get as close as you can to that)
-Thermal Paste: Arctic Silver 5 is the Best but anything is good at this point. I will provide some links.
-Q-Tips or cotton balls (an old shirt or clean cloth will do)
-Concentrated Heat source (I used a Hairdryer but heat guns work fine) If you have a glass baking dish and a stove this can work too.
-A work space or a box (if your working on the floor)
-A beer (optional)

Lets get started!

-First thing is first Disassemble your console (There are many tutorials but this is the easy part).

-Take your Mother board and place it on your work space with the heat syncs exposed.

-Take your heat source;
~Hairdryer: Start on a low heat and heat up both heat syncs so they are plenty warm.
~Heat gun: Set to a low temp and heat up both heat syncs so they are plenty warm
~Stove method: Put the stove on a Low-Med Temp and place Glass baking Dish upside down on stove top with motherboard heat syncs touching the glass. constantly check the temp with your finger and use good judgment.

-Remove all heat source's and move quickly to the next step.

-Take Q-Tip/cloth/cotton ball and wipe the current Thermal compound off
~Do the best you can to the heat syncs connected to the fans as well (Doesnt have to be perfect).
*Check the temp of your heat sync on the motherboard. If has cooled off too much you may want to head again to a nice warm temp.

-Take your thermal compound and place 4 small dots near each corner and a small dot in the middle.
Take your smooth edged "Device" and spread out the compound. Remember a little goes a long ways. This stuff is expensive and you dont need that much. Do the same for both heat syncs.
~Use a small amount of compound on your heat syncs for the other two heat syncs near the fans. (I made a square with an X on each. This is just in case for a little peace of mind).

-While your Motherboard is still somewhat warm CAREFULLY re-assemble your ps3. The two heat syncs wont touch until about when you start putting your power supply and Blu-ray back in.

-And your ice cold Brew (Beer :D)

IF this was the actual cause of your PS3 to YLOD this will fix after allowing your ps3 to heat up naturally. The heat seems to bind the compound.

IF this did not fix your PS3 then there is a Different problem. MOST times the yellow light of death is caused by the compound between heat syncs heating up and cooling off too many times causing it to solidify and break.

I do not take any responsibility if your console stay broke, worsens, or you cant play it because you cant figure out how to put it back together.

I will answer Questions about this tutorial, Products used in this Tutorial, and Certain problems that may have occurred due to bad instruction. Please make a reply Like this if you have Any questions
Much better Good thread.

Im going about this the easy way. Just bought some chrome handle covers, gona get them painted then stick them on over the origonal handles, lol. Easy