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How to RTM on PS3 Online !?


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How to RTM on PS3 Online !?


1) Make sure you installed ccapi pkg 2.60 on your ps3 and runned it for 1 time to get the dirs

2) On your pc -> select a ccapi tool you want to use and make sure it got the PS3Lib.dll and ps3tmapi_net.dll in it.
(if not in it your wont work since this got changed from 2.50 to 2.60)

3) Now install ControlConsole API on your pc and make a connection with your ip from ps3
(ip can bé found in network settings)

4) When online in the game you go back to the RTM tool and click connect!
(now your connection will show up, select your connection and wait a few seconds)

5) Now click on attach and your ready go RTM on PS3

** Dont use tomany tools at once, this is only able for DEX if you dont like to freeze your game.

Needed files can bé downloaded in the link below!

-> http://www.xxzer0modzxx.net/forum/index.php?threads/ccapi-2-50-2-60-pkg-tools.292/


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