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4.70 Cfw Spoofer

Here is the latest update to SEN Enabler as developernathan_r32_69 (aka Evilnat) released version 5.8.0 recently which added support for 4.70 CFW's / Fixed the 80710A06 Error (that disabled spoofed CFW from connecting to PSN, a side effect of Sony patching the SSLv3 exploits) .Also the developer has added many requested features in this update.
I dont Take any Credits :]
Download link works for cex and dex.

Improvements v5.8.0

  • Added support for CFWs 4.70
  • Fixed spoof error 80710A06 for all CFW CEX/DEX (less 3.55)
  • Deleted flash write option
  • Added option to patch all (Less MAC)
  • Fixed bug while enabling access on Cobra DEX CFWs
  • [Requested] Added option for custom spoof
  • [Requested] Added 9.99 Spoofer
  • [Requested] Added option to restore default spoof
  • [Requested] Added option to choose image version
  • [Requested] Added option to choose version
  • [Requested] Added option to choose passphrase