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PUP 4.78 CFW [Team_Zer0] 1.0

Custom Firmware for 4.78

  1. Endless

    • 4.78-OFW Build in PUAD
    • SEN-PSN Acces + latest SEN (pkg) support
    • Added App_Home
    • Added PS3_GAME (to mount games from multizer0 + more game support)
    • Integrated Package Manager (Thx for this idea to REBUG and FERROX)
    • Apllied patch - Lv1~Lv2 for Peek and Poke acces
    • (removed Lv2 security patch and cleared hashes)
    • Applied patch - Disable Cinavia
    • Applied patch Region free - BlueRayDisc
    • Applied patch Bypass RSOD (when updating after downgrade)
    • Installs over any CFW on CEX
    • [Updates straight over 3.55-OFW]
    • [When QA was toggled on previous install you're able to update with this pup]
    • [Added old PS3 2.60-OFW Coldboot into the pup (because i like it (=]
    MD5 LOG:

    MD5 1/24/2016 11:15:30 PM

    Path: C:\Users\B7U3_C50SS\Documents\PS3 AND PS4 [ALL STUFF]\PS3\PUPS [PS3]\CFW\XxZer0ModZxX 4.78-CFW\
    cf6aac4f9190fb73ccc42613db3016f0 PS3UPDAT.PUP

    TOTAL: 1 files - 195.5 MB (204,978,171 bytes)

    I personally favor the Idea that it has integrated Rebug style Package manager and works fully online.

    Also love that awesome coldboot noise ;)

    Tested On:

    CECH-H/J/K/L [Zer0]
    CECH-21xxa [Zer0]
    CECH-20xxa [Zer0]
    CECH-20xxb [Zer0, Storm]
    CECH-25xxa [B7U3 C50SS]

    MD5 Hash:


    I would just like to say unlike most other leaks this one was finished and is a finished product while the only reason for it being leaked was that XxZer0ModZxX was too preoccupied with other things at these times to post this himself so he had me do it. so the CFW is complete.

    ~Have Fun And Enjoy!~

    ~B7U3 C50SS~