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PUP 4.75 CFW [ARCH] 1.1

CFW for Jbroken or CFW users

  1. Endless
    Here is the latest 4.75 Standard CEX CFW to hit the PS3. as developer ARCH has released his latest "ARCH CFW". This release contains the usual patches found in most Standard CFW along with Cinavia Patches, XMB Alphabetical patch that will list your content in Alphabetical order, Additional info and details can be seen in the information provided below:
    Edit: Developer ARCH has also released a NOBD version for those user's who have a completly broken drive that will not let you launch apps..​

    FW Version:
    FW Type:
    CFW Type: Developer:
    • 4.75
    • CEX
    • Standard CFW
    • ARCH

    [​IMG] Originally Posted by ARCH
    CFW 4.75 ARCH (v1.01) Standard
    CEX & NOBD versions

    NEW Changes in v1.01

    • Correction of a set of copies loading error with manager​
    Original v1.00 Features

    • Built from the official firmware update 4.75​
    • Patch Peek and poke support​
    • Patch RSOD Bybass​
    • Compatible Reactpsn (lastest version)​
    • Can be updated over any CFW's to go 3.55 or higher​
    • Patch BT / BluRay DISC​
    • Patch QA Token compatibility​
    • LV1 Disable System Integrity Check and allow mapping of protected memory​
    • Patch Alphabetical (XMB)​
    • Cinavia full patched​
    • Compatible games psx/ps2/psp remaster or mini​
    • Possibility of downgrade with CFW downgrader ( with QA activated )​
    • Compatible with any model PS3 (fat or slim)​
    • Compatible CCAPI (last version required)​

    [​IMG] Originally Posted by STLcardsWS
    TESTED Models

    • NOR -- No Results provided by developer​
    • NAND - No Results provided by developer​


    F.A.Q. about Standard CFW

    [​IMG] Originally Posted by STLcardsWS
    What is a Standard CEX CFW?
    • A Standard CFW does not contain any of the Cobra v7.XX features (formerly known as CobraUSB) or otherwise known as Cobra CFW (not to be confused with CobraODE), All Standard CEX CFW contain many of the same patches, some standard builds differ in a few features but all contain a standard feature set to allow homebrew execution on the PS3 Console.​

    What is MAMBA?
    • MAMBA payload (originally developed by Estwald) was once considered a LITE version of COBRA, but as this payload features have evolved (from developer's such as _NzV_ ) it contains most of the features that a Cobra CFW offer's such as Auto-loading of background plugins, ps3netsrv support, and various other features. The only thing missing from MAMBA is the ability to play unencrypted PS2 ISO's (PS2 Classic format (encrypted) does work in Standard CFW) & also Cobra's method of loading PSP titles, but like PS2 standard CFW has the ability to play PSP titles by various means such as Remaster or Mini methods. So in other words installing MAMBA (Autoloader) will give you many of the same features found in Cobra CFW, but not quite all yet. Find more details about MAMBA Autoloader in this thread. Also viewing this thread you can compare MAMBA to COBRA features.​

    Can my PS3 Install this CFW?
    Depends on your model and also what current Firmware you are on:

    • Above 3.55 OFW? You must check to see if your model is Downgradable​
    • SuperSlim PS3 models can not be downgraded, Also some later Slim models can not be downgraded​
    • If your PS3 is on OFW 3.55 or Lower you can install this PUP and enjoy CFW.​
    Source: psx-place.com​

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